Saturday, March 26, 2005

Google India Code Jam 2005 Day 2, Google Tech Talk & Awards

The intense 2 hours contest has ended. We were moved to the Googleplex, the Google India Office in Bangalore.

The office is located in Prestige Sigma (1st and 2nd level)

In the Googleplex, we have a lunch. The waiter keep asking me to have more food on my plate! Damn... I barely emptied my plate!! The only food over there that I like is the kerupuk and the chicken :P

In this Googleplex, we have a lunch

Shortly after lunch, google then start talking (Google Tech Talk). Here Google explains why helding this competition event (you can guess, to recruit more people). They explains about Google Technology (I really impressed when they talk about the Distributed Computing, that is separating the jobs when doing a search). A single search of google, actually involving thousands of computer of cluster. This is very interesting! I wish I had a video camera...

The left pic is Lars? the one who accompany me during contest
The right pic is the waiters!! They keep adding foods to my plateee!!!

"Most people avoid problems... but we, programmers, like to solve problems :)" Google Presenter (what's his name?)

The presenter said something about Google motto. When Google develop something, they don't think: "Where is the Money?". When they know what they're developing makes the user happy, they know there's money in it :) Coolll! I think this is statement is quite true as I see many google software really2 easy to use and useful but I don't see how it relates to money... (they really2 focus on users need).

The Google Technical Talks begins
They cover interesting topics behind the Google Technology
The left pic is Krishna Bharat. He explains why Google arrange this contest & the history of Google
The right pic is ... He explains the Google Technology in big picture (distributed sytem)
Some body please give me their names!! (email me:

After the Google Tech Talk, here comes the winner announcement!

The left pic is the one who turn on the ranklist of the winners on the projector.
The right pic is Sreeram Ramachandran (Indian in Singapore), the fifth place.
First and Second winners, from Indonesiaa!! Yeeaaa!
The left pic is Ardian KP. The right pic is Pascal Alfadian
Lets see in bigger pic, our Indonesian programmers berjaya di India.
Left to right: Pascal Alfadian (2nd winner), Ardian KP (1st Winner)

The first to the fifth winner then were interviewed by local reporter! Waw

Ardian KP being questioned by local reporters: "how do you feel?" :)
This is the winners, from left to right is the fifth place to the first place.
This picture is taken from Prima C's Camera
As usual, we are all "keganjenan". Then take photo together...
This is a pic of all of 7 Indonesians (except Lars)

The winners list can be looked here. We then going back to the Park Hotel by bus again :)

Next : Take a walk and dinner party

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