Competitive Programming

I participated in ACM ICPC as participants from 2003-2007. It took me 4+ years to cultivate my algorithm and coding skills to advance to the world finals in Tokyo 2007. Back then, I was using UVa Online Judge to practice. If you look at the graph around 2006, I solved around 300+ UVa OJ problems in a month before competing in ACM ICPC Kaohsiung 2006 (it payed off! our team beats Shanghai Jiaotong by penalty points only). Here are my stories as contestants:

After I graduated from BINUS University in 2007, I continued my participation in ACM ICPC as problem setters from 2008-2013. Here are some of the problemsets I wrote:

Outside ACM ICPC, I also compete in Google India Code Jam 2005 and 2006, and Facebook Hacker Cup 2011

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