Saturday, April 8, 2006

Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 3, Interview with Google

Today I had an Interview with Google. I'm sorry I cannot tell you any of the interview questions because it's againts the policy. What I can say is the interwiew was hard :(

This is Google Office in Prestige Sigma, Bangalore.
The guys sitting over there were also taking the interview.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 2, Google Tech Talk (continued) and dinner

Alan Eustace continued the Google Tech Talk.
I learned a lot from his speech. He is a good speaker!

He talked about Google's computer architecture, the reliability of the Data Centers, the history of Google, etc...
Google products such as Google Map, Google Earth, Robust API, Translation engine, and a list of expertise of Google.

Any Question, any one?

Then we can have a dinner... I've to be honest that I eat less than 10% from the left picture.
And the waiters were very kind, they offer more foods whenever possible. I've to say no all the time :P

Still excited with the surpirise prize, iPod nano, I immortalized it along with the certificate :D

When I saw the Google Logo again, it getting more beautiful, now it has "pink" color added :o

We have a picture with Annie Driscoll (in white) and Jeanne Williams (in red).
Without them this Google Code Jam 2006 wouldn't be a successful event!
Jeanne, thanks for your help for my VISA and Ticket. I really appreciate it.

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Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 2, Awards Winner announcements

Annie Driscoll begins the Winner Awards announcements!

I only take pictures of people that I know about and mostly are my Indonesian friends. I'm sorry I cannot take pictures of all winners.

This is the list of winners from 49th place to 25th place.
The winners were called one by one and went to podium to get the Certificate and an iPod nano (4 GB)!

The 47th place is David Santoso Anggakusuma

The 31th place is Fajar Maulana Firdaus

The others whose name were not called yet, waits. The longer the waiting time, the better :D

The 20th place is Hanny Yulius Limanto
The 18th place is Pascal Alfadian
The 17th place is Felix Halim

This is the list of winners from 6th place to 10th place.
I missed the picture for the list 21-36 and 11-20, damn... any body got the picture or list? (complete names)

Left: The 10th place is Wang Zhen
Middle: The 8th place is Ilham Winata Kurnia

This is the list of winners from 2nd place to 5th place.

This is the 5th to the 2nd (from left to right). See the names on the slide.

As I said, good things comes to those who wait. The one who wait the longest is the winner. And the winner is...

Ardian KP waited the longest :D Everybody was looking at him :o

And the name was called, Ardian Kristanto Poernomo!!
Hurray... he did it again! (last year he also won the 1st champion)

I captured every move he made to the Podium :D

Let's see in a close up pic, the SnapDragon from Indonesia :P (Yes, from Indonesia)
The slide shows "Singapore" only because he resides in NTU (Singapore)
This causes wrong perceptions and assumptions...

Pictures with Arvin Jain and Kannan Pashupathy

Left-right: Kannan Pashupathy, Abishek, Ardian KP, Shreevatsa, Alan Eustace

I have to say, this is the longest taking picture I ever see.
The reporter / cameraman keep shooting for almost 5 minutes without stop.
Of course, the photo models should always keep smiling :D

Here is the The official list of winners but only handles not the "real" names.

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Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 2, Le Meridien and Google Tech Talk

Last year the Google Tech Talk was held in Google Office, now they moved it to Le Meridien. This was great! The place was awesome. This is the biggest improvement from last year, I think. And the iPod nano also :D

This is Le Meridien, where the Google Tech Talk, Awards Winner announcement, and Dinner was held.

Took photo with TopCoder admin, TheFaxman.

The waiting time was a bit too long... since there were so many guests were invited for the Google Tech Talk.
On the right pic, is the name tags provided for all guests that wanted to see the Google Tech Talk, Awards, and Dinner.

When we entered the main room, we saw the podium.

Not long after we allowed to enter the room, pictures were taken :D
The podium was great! It's colorful and was a good subject for background picture.

Look again, how nice the Google logo.

After all were assembled in the main room, the Google Tech Talk begins.

TechTalk by Alan Eustace, the Senior Vice President, Engineering & Research.
He was a good speaker! I learned a lot from his speech... I wish I had a Video Camera!

He shared the purpose of having Google Code Jam.

Actually, there are many kinds of Google Code Jam (not only Google India Code Jam).

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Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 2, The Contest Begins!!

We headed to the Reliance WebWorld (an Internet Cafe) to compete for the Championship Round.

Using bus (just like last year), we went to the Reliance WebWorld internet cafe.

The TopCoder admin, known as TheFaxman, introduced the rules and the extended duration for the Final Round.

This is the computers preconfigured for contest.
Only 5 applications can and allowed to run in this computer: The Arena, STL Doc, JavaDoc, VIM, Emacs.

The Coding Phase!

Now the contest begins!! We have to solve 3 problems of different points (250, 500, and 1000 points). For you who're curious what's the contest problems look like? Click on the problem name to see the problem statement (but remember not to copy it for other use!). Below is my discussion for each problem:

  1. Problem 300: InverseLca

    This problem is about Tree Data Structure. We are given a matrix that represents the Least Common Ancestor for all pairs of nodes and we should return the parent of each node. This problem takes me a lot of time to code! I submitted after 30 minutes I opened the problem, that was very slow coding!

    After I opened the 500 point problem and submitted it, I go back to this problem since I'm not sure that my code was free of bug... so I made a testcase with 10 nodes, create the LCA matrix and input it to the Arena's test case then run it... Jebret... whatt.. -2 -2 -2 ??? The value -2 was not supposed to be returned! I realized that my code Indeed has bugs in it... but it's too late, It's only 4 minutes remaining. I never know where was my bug.

    After the Coding Phase has ended, there's a Challenge Phase. Where you can view your competitor's source codes and challenge it using your testcase to make the program return incorrect result. Since I already got my testcase with 10 nodes, and I have faith that there are people out there that was as careless as I was, so I challenged any code that is too long or too simple or too suspicious with my 10 nodes testcase :D. It appeared that I made 7 successfull challenges out of 20 challenges (YUP! 20 Challenges! I'm a brute-force challenger at that time). In the end, I only got +25 points. I really dissapointed that I didn't challenge and look at the standings simultaneously. If only I looked at the standings, I would've stopped challenging after I got 4 straight successfull challenges (this will bring me to the TOP 10).

  2. Problem 500: ColoredDominoes

    This problem is about eficient brute force. You were given a list of dominoes and their colors on both of the halves. You wanted to re-color the dominoes so that all dominoes has the same color. (for the detailed problem statement, click on the link above)

    The trick to solve this problem is to do a brute force only for the unique colors. If we count it carefully, the input parameters implicitly restrict the number of different colors to be 1000, not 10000. So an O(n^2) algorithm is sufficient. This problem is a lot easier than the Problem 300 since the solution quite easy to be found : Brute Force + Greedy.

  3. Problem 1000: InterestingStrings

    I read the problem statement, then I look at the time... 30 minutes left... Ahh.. just forget this problem, I'll never make it on time. This is the time when I opened back my 300 points problem and make a testcase of 10 nodes and realized that my 300 points was wrong :( and didn't have time to fix it.

The Challenge Phase

I don't remember how stressed I was when I knew that my 300 points will gone. Thinking of it, it burns me with and idea: I have the test-case that failed on me, why don't I use it to challenge the others? :D HeHeHeh! Here it goes, my Brute-Force Challenges! I opened every 300 points problems that were available and immediately challenge it if I found it too long or too short or suspicious :D. During that time, probably because I was too excited opening and closing the Source code, My Arena went TIMEOUT. It happened several times... reducing my opportunity to challenge! I only (yeah only!) made 20 challenges. If only there wasn't any Timeout (and I didn't have to relogin), probably I can made 25 challenges! (and probably my points would be minus... ahahahah).

And so the contest has ended, we were allowed to take home the Google Mouse Pad and Google Pen :D How generous Google was!

We then went back to the Park Hotel to get some rest.

Yo yo yo in the bus.. we take pictures again.

In the Park Hotel, all Indonesian participants assembled in Prima Chairunnanda's Room (106) and order some dessert.

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