Friday, April 7, 2006

Google India Code Jam 2006 Day 2, Le Meridien and Google Tech Talk

Last year the Google Tech Talk was held in Google Office, now they moved it to Le Meridien. This was great! The place was awesome. This is the biggest improvement from last year, I think. And the iPod nano also :D

This is Le Meridien, where the Google Tech Talk, Awards Winner announcement, and Dinner was held.

Took photo with TopCoder admin, TheFaxman.

The waiting time was a bit too long... since there were so many guests were invited for the Google Tech Talk.
On the right pic, is the name tags provided for all guests that wanted to see the Google Tech Talk, Awards, and Dinner.

When we entered the main room, we saw the podium.

Not long after we allowed to enter the room, pictures were taken :D
The podium was great! It's colorful and was a good subject for background picture.

Look again, how nice the Google logo.

After all were assembled in the main room, the Google Tech Talk begins.

TechTalk by Alan Eustace, the Senior Vice President, Engineering & Research.
He was a good speaker! I learned a lot from his speech... I wish I had a Video Camera!

He shared the purpose of having Google Code Jam.

Actually, there are many kinds of Google Code Jam (not only Google India Code Jam).

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