Friday, March 25, 2005

Google India Code Jam 2005 Day 1, Take off to Bangalore, India

At 9:30 AM, I was heading to the Soekarno-Hatta airport and meet with my friends from Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung: Pascal Alfadian Nugroho and Renald.

From left to right: Me (Felix Halim), Pascal AN, Renald

There wasn't any difficulties going to Singapore. During the transit, we met the other Indonesian friends: Ardian KP, Bramandia R, and Prima C. Also we met other contestants that appeared to be on the same flight.

Singapore Airlines... each seats has a monitor and a "controller".
When you flip the controller, it could be used as a phone.
It can call to any seats on the plane or call outside plane using card.

We then arrive at Bangalore International Airport after 4 hours flying.

Bangalore International Airport (Arrival). We are the last persons queuing.
At the right is the picture of Bramandia, Prima, and Ardian queueing.

There are 10 contestants in the plane. We assembled at the outside of the Bangalore International Airport waiting to be picked up by the agent.

Missing 2 people here (me tacking the picture and 1 other was phoning Mr. Tapas)

After phoning Mr. Tapas approximately 10 minutes we were escorted to the Park Hotel. The hotel is near the airport only 15 minutes distance by car.

We were checking in to the Park Hotel

I was assigned to room 104. Google is generous... each person was assigned to a double room (two persons). In the hotel, there was so many mirrors. I really loved it, I could take a picture of my self easily. Here you will find many picture of me reflected by the mirrors.

The left pic is me in room 104 posing.
The right pic is me in front of the hotel's lift posing :P

After putting our stuffs in our room and rest a bit, we were heading to the "Blue Box Room" (still in the Park Hotel) to get our Google T-Shirt. In fact we got not only Google T-Shirt but also Google Bag! (the inside of the bag was two Google Pen, a Google Bottle, and a Google Hat!). That's very nice gifts from Google India :)

The left pic is the Google Bag. The right pic is the Google T-Shirt.
The Google Hat, Google Bag, Google Bottle, and Google Pen inside the Bag

Ok that's for the first day: register to Park Hotel and get the Google Stuffs.

Next : Day 2, Breakfast, Briefing and go to the Cafe!? (26 Mar 2005)

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