Saturday, March 26, 2005

Google India Code Jam 2005 Day 2, Breakfast, Briefing and go to the Cafe!?

Early in the morning I woke up do all necessary things people do in the morning then put Google T-Shirt on.

The left pic is me in Google T-Shirt. The right pic is the morning view :)

I'm was still too excited with mirrors... so whenever I see "me" on the mirror, I can't resist the temptation to take a picture of me... :P

Me in Google T-Shirt. The left pic is the mirror in front of the bath room.
The right pic is the mirror in front of the lift.

I then headed to the Oak Room for Breakfast. The room is still in the Park Hotel.

I came early to the Oak Room, so the picture wasn't crowded.

After the others assembled in the Oak Room we take pictures and have chat with one of the Google staffs.

Picture of us, contestants of the same plane.

After finish our breakfast, we are introduced to the competition that we're going to do. We asked questions for the competition, the rules for the competition, etc...

George is the one that explains the rules. He's the TopCoder admin

After we are briefed about the competition rules. The contestant was splitted in to 2 groups going to 2 different places. I with Ardian and Renald was set to go to the Cunningham Road and compete in the Reliance - WebWorld internet cafe. We went there by bus.

The left pic is the agent checking the contestants.
The right pic is me sitting with Ardian KP.
This is the Reliance - WebWorld internet cafe.
TopCoder Competition doesn't need a special place.
Internet Cafe is a Great Place!

The internet cafe was set up for the competition. The Contest Arena Web Start Application was downloaded and run. The JavaDoc, SGI STL, Emacs, GMVI are all installed and available.

The left pic is the outside of the contest room, its for guest.
The right pic is in the contest room, its for competition.
This is the computer that I'm going to use for the contest. Cool isn't it?

I took these pictures around me.

These are the peripherals around me. The mouse is cute and big.
The seat was quite good and comforting
There's a gas and brake under the table for car gaming :o

Next : The Contest Begins!!

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