Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ICPC World Finals 2007 Day 2, IBM Tech Trek presentations and Excursion to Disney Sea

During the breakfast in Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel, there were newsletters distributed. The newsletter contains the schedules of today's event which are IBM Tech Trek and Excursion to Disney Sea.

After having breakfast we go to Ambassador Hotel by bus

Doug Heintzman, IBM Director of Strategy, opened the IBM Tech Trek with "Social Computing" talks

Paul Horn, Senior Vice President IBM Research, continued with "IBM Research and Technology of the Future" talks

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, Creator of Ruby Language, talked about "How to Design Good Software"

Gina Poole, IBM Vice President of Innovation and University Relations, brought up the "Skills for the 21st Century"

Back to Doug Heintzman, he demonstrated the 3D Internet - Second Life (a Virtual World)

After the IBM Tech Trek, we were given Complements of IBM!! Containing a ticket to Disney Sea and 3500Y for Lunch and Dinner :)

Hiroshi Maruyama, Director of Tokyo Research Laboratory, closed the IBM Tech Trek and invites all of us to Disney Sea
We went to the Disney Sea using the yesterday's circling train of Disney Resort Line.

The big globe is the center of attraction. Many people queue up to take picture with the globe.

There are many waterworks in Disney Sea (that why it gets its name)

The Mountain Over there is the most exciting play. It's the "Journey to the center of the Earth", IIRC.
We spent the rest of the day in Disney Sea. The right picture is the same mountain at Night.

We tried the Indiana Jones Adventure "Temple of the Crystal Skull"
Sadly, we need to wait in the queue for 80 minutes!!
There is a "Fast Track" that can bypass the queue. However it didn't work for us.
This is a bad sign for the following days :(

Aha!! These two oneechans are special to Andoko "Chan"!!
Ini bukan kebetulan loh, Andoko "Chan" dimintain foto dari dan untuk ce Jepang sebanyak 2x.
Satu di Disney Sea ini, satu lagi di Asakusa. Ndok ternyata cukup menarik juga yah untuk ce Jepang.
Laris deh ndok kalo ke Jepang! :D

After having dinner at the same Ramen place, we went back to IBM CyberCafe at Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel.
This time they have previews for Luana at CyberCafe.
FYI, the toilet seat at Tokyo Hilton Bay has an advanced technology: The seat has heater!
Also it has Spray and Bidet to clean your ...

Next : Day 3, Practice sessions, Japanese Cultural Experience, and CyberCafe (March 14, 2007)

Back to : Day 1, Team registration in the evening followed by dinner, and CyberCafe (March 12, 2007)

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