Monday, March 12, 2007

ICPC World Finals 2007 Day 1, Team registration in the evening followed by dinner, and CyberCafe

In the evening (8:30PM) of March 11, 2007 we departed from Soekarno Hatta Airport using Singapore Airlines. Transit to Changi (Singapore) and then arrive at Narita Airport (Japan) in the morning (9:00AM). What a long plane trip, I always hate long distance travel. I'm never able to get a good sleep on the plane. So, I didn't sleep through the night flight which gets me very sleepy in the morning.

When go outside Narita Airport its like going into a refrigerator! When the wind blows, it's like flowing through our bones, BRRR...

The event for today is Team Registration in the evening. We arrived too early (10 AM), so we need to go somewhere to spend the noon and searching for lunch. We were suggested to go to the Disney Resort Line for food and walks.

Tokyo Hilton Bay Hotel is Huge! The road is clean, no dust flying around :)

Tokyo Disney Resort has trains that circling around it.

We wandered around the Disney Resort.

We were starving and the ramen really tasted delicious in this situation :D

Every time we (Andoko and I) found a place to sit, we always do this (see the picture), LOL.
It's because we were really sleepy but the others (Kurniady, Yen Lina, and Pak Raymond)
still have all the necessary energy to take pictures (all kind of: from Flowers, Girls (pesenan anak2), etc..)

Hotel and Team registrations along with dinner

In the evening, the IBM CyberCafe was opened. The CyberCafe have places to get Internet Access,
Play Dance-Dance Revolution, Play Chess, Play Basketball mini, Play Cards, Free Snacks.

Also in the IBM CyberCafe, we can saw the previews of the Emerging Technology from IBM Research and Development!
Left to Right: Discussion Mining, Cell Programming for PS3, and Second Life demo (a Virtual World)

Next : Day 2, IBM Tech Trek presentations and excursion to Disney Sea (March 13, 2007)

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